Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Furry Valentines

Although today is not necessarily the happiest day for the heartbroken, it's not so awful to wake up with two cats purring alongside. Meet my funny, furry, Valentines:

Cece is almost 18 years old, and enjoys drinking water out of a running faucet and sleeping in the sun.

Millie, nearly 6, likes curling up in sinks, bounding up stairs two at a time, and stalking Cece.

I feel like such a cliche', being a middle-aged single woman with cats. I love my pets, though, and they're sweet to me, so what more can I say?

The migration to my MacBook Air is complete, and I must say that I didn't exactly realize how many gig of photos I had on the old PowerBook. Out of an 80 gig hard drive, I have but 25 gig left. That might sound like a decent amount of available space, but not if I'm going to be using this thing for the next five years. I'm going to have to archive sections of my photo albums to DVD.

Another complaint that was raised against the Mac Book Air was that it wasn't "fast enough." I guess that all depends on what one is using it for. It has a 1.6GHz clock speed, which is twice as fast as my old PowerBook. While this isn't blazing fast, it's not bad, and I definitely have noticed how much faster pictures load in iPhoto, and how much faster web pages with lots of images come up. So count another point of satisfaction with my new laptop.

The keyboard is taking a little getting used to, though. It feels to me like the keys are spaced slightly further apart than on the PowerBook G4, so my typing right now is a bit slower and a bit less accurate while I adjust. The feel of the keys is fine, though, no complaints there. I also think the design of the keyboard is better in that it seems less apt to trap vast quantities of cat hair.

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