Monday, February 18, 2008

Swing it, Brother, Swing

I have other hobbies than playing with my laptop. In fact, I don't even consider the laptop a hobby, but rather a necessary life tool. I packed it up (it, plus my carry bag, plus the external superdrive, plus the power supply and Ethernet adapter weighed half a pound less than my old PowerBook by itself) and took it down to Irvine, California, for a ballroom dancing competition.

I've been dancing and competing for over 10 years now. For the past two years I've been dancing in Teacher-Student (called "Pro/Am") competitions. This weekend was a good one for me, I showed a lot of improvement in my dancing and most of all I had an absolute blast!

We're dancing five dances. First is Waltz, characterized by a sort of pulsing up-and-down swinging action, using the 3/4 time of the music. Next is Tango, which shows fast staccato movements interspersed with slow cat-like stalking movements. Third is my favorite, the Viennese Waltz. It also uses 3/4 time music, but since it is so much faster than the "regular" Waltz, people dance it in a very pure form without much in the way of fancy steps or choreography. The fourth dance is Foxtrot, which shows a smooth linear gliding action, and is danced to 4/4 time music. The final dance is Quickstep, which movement-wise is a bit of a mixture of the Waltz and Foxtrot, and includes skips and hops, and is danced to fast swing music.


chasarumba said...

A voice from the competitive dancing past just popping by to say hello -- it's Vanessa Calvin, former pro-am compatriot :) I was Googling something dance-related and ended up at the Dance Forums site, where I saw your name and thought, hey, wonder if it's *that* Laura...and it was! You're obviously still dancing, which is great. And your cats in the post below are adorable...I have two (and one dog) and love those furry sillies like mad!

Laura said...

Wow, thanks for dropping by Vanessa, I was just thinking about you the other day!