Monday, March 3, 2008

In Space, No One Can See Your Underwear

Last night Susie and I went to see Carrie Fisher doing her one-woman show, "Wishful Drinking," at the Berkeley Repertory Theater. I've always thought Carrie was very funny, having read "Postcards from the Edge" and seen the movie too. But I didn't realize just how darn hilarious she is until I experienced her in person. Her show was a long rumination on her life, featuring visual aids such as a family tree delineating her parents' various marriages, which illustrated how her daughter is 'related' to some associated offspring of one of Elizabeth Taylor's marriages. That part of the show was titled "Hollywood Inbreeding 101."

The best line for me, though, came when she was talking about her first experience in her Princess Leia costume from the first (the real first) Star Wars movie. George Lucas informed her that she couldn't wear a bra under her flowing white gown. When she asked why, he explained "there is no underwear in outer space." There's some theory about how when you go up to zero-g your body expands, and you could end up being strangled by your own bra. Never mind that artificial gravity had obviously been mastered in that Galaxy so Far Far Away.... Carrie had to be taped up with gaffer's tape for shooting every day.

And to think that at that moment, she had no idea about the tin ashtray bikini coming her way in the next film....

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