Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Step away from the TV

I've been participating in the "newbie" boards over on the Weight Watchers web site, and find myself posting the same helpful information over and over again. So, I thought I'd start yet another blog where I could dump my various treatises and manifestos as they evolve from my postings. At some point, I won't need to repeat myself over on the WW newbie boards, and I can just post links :)

This week the sixth season of "Dancing with the Stars" began and I must say it's so full of filler that I'm wondering why I bother, other than to see people I am friendly with doing their thing in all its glory on the TV. This week was very long...there was the men's show, the women's show, then a long recap that contained basically both shows, then an elimination show that contained clips from the previous shows. It just went on and on. I guess ABC's advertising department is happy. I wonder if this will be the death of the show? I liked it a lot more when it was a happy fun sweet 1-hour long show. Contemplating all this has made me rather ornery for some reason.


amy said...

Found your blog on the WW site and so glad to be reading. YOu have given me great encouragement!

Laura said...

Thanks for dropping by Amy! I'm new at blogging and at WW, but I love to talk and write so it seemed like the right thing to do to start a blog (or few)!