Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Job Begat Job

So no sooner do I start doing something that earns me a (very modest) paycheck, then I get another interesting opportunity. This past weekend I participated in the most beautiful Passover seder ever, planned by Susie Kameny and held down at Adam Sah's house at Sunny Cove in Santa Cruz. Adam's fabulous girlfriend Joyce Guan was there, and we hit it off as fellow foodies.

Joyce works for Charles' Chocolates, and invited me to go to New York with her to help in their booth at the Fancy Food Show in late June. It's not an actual job per se, but it sure sounds like a fun thing to do to meet new people and see new things. The only real jobs I've ever had were in computer programming. The only industry I've ever seen is software. It would be great to get a look at something totally different!

I roasted a leg of lamb for the very first time for the seder. I was a little worried of how it would turn out, but I followed my father's instructions and it all came out great. People really enjoyed it, and said it tasted like beef rather than all gamy. I started by trimming off all the fat and "fell" (the muscle sheathing). Then I sliced up four cloves of garlic and inserted it randomly into slits in the meat. I rubbed it down with pink Himalayan salt spiked with garlic, parsley, and pepper, and finished it off with rosemary-infused olive oil. It roasted up faster than I thought it would, and I was terrified it would be overdone, but when Kim (another foodie and daughter of a French chef) carved it up, it was perfect.

Sigh. In the words of Han Solo, "Sometimes I even amaze myself."

(Yeah yeah, I know that Princess Leia rejoined, "That's not hard.")

Now I'm making stock out of the bones. I figure it will be good for steaming couscous.

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