Saturday, May 3, 2008

Emerald Ball

Just got back from Los Angeles where I competed in the Emerald Ball. Emerald Ball is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, ballroom dancing competitions on the West Coast. It's also one of the biggest in the country. My personal goal was to make a cut. Any cut. And I did! We made the final of the Viennese Waltz in my division. We ended up 6th out of 9 couples, but hey...I made the cut :) As a friend said "now you're running with the big girls." Uh uh :) We also danced the Scholarship event for my division, and came in 13th, which means we were "next" into the semi-final. It wasn't close, though, so it's not like I almost made another cut. Next year....

Here's some video. It doesn't look so great, the best way to view it is to go directly to You Tube at Once there, click the link that says "watch in high quality" underneath the video.

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