Thursday, May 22, 2008

On the Road Again

May is a busy month for me. I am in the scintillating (ummm) metropolis of Blackpool, England, which has been referred to as "an armpit" and "as bad as Atlantic City." Why have I come to a kind of worn-down tacky cold and damp seaside town in Lancashire? Because the world's biggest and most prestigious and truly scintillating (not sarcastic this time) dance competition is held here, the British Open Championships, known to all in the dancesport world as "Blackpool".

I'm staying in a really lovely flat, complete with clothes washer and wireless internet. Except for the cats being eight time zones away, it's a lot like being at home.

I'm here to watch seven days and nights of incredible competition, everyone who is anyone in competitive ballroom dancing -- and a lot of people who just want to be in the mix -- are here. In tennis, there is Wimbledon. In horse racing, there is the Kentucky Derby. And in ballroom, it's Blackpool.

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