Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sick of the Sea (5/12/08)

The weather has been rather dreary for three days now. Today the seas were rough, and there was a lot of rain and fog. Infinity made her way to the Hubbard Glacier. Ice and wind conditions were favorable in Disenchantment Bay, so we were able to get very close to the Turner and Hubbard glaciers. We even saw several ice avalanches off the face of the Hubbard glacier. It was spectacularly wet, and quite cold. There was ice floating everywhere in the water and when Infinity manouevered she pushed ice around with her hull.

We aren't sea sick, but we are tired of the cold and the damp and the rough seas and the fog. It has kind of put a damper on the whole boat, to tell the truth. People aren't as talky or friendly as they usually are on cruises, and everything just seems so dreary.

Tomorrow we'll be back in the Inside Passage, in Juneau, and even if it is another grey day at least the seas won't be rolling as much.

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