Saturday, May 17, 2008

To Infinity and Beyond! (5/10/08)

We woke up this morning and started to unpack. I've never brought so much stuff on a cruise before, but then we had to dress for cold weather, for formal nights, and for active pursuits like dog sledding. The lifeboat drill was at 10:30am, and we bundled up in slickers and wooly hats only to find that they weren't going to actually make us go stand out on deck.

Tonight is formal night. I love getting dressed up for dinner, it's a great excuse to wear clothes that I don't usually get to wear at home. I got a great hair cut in the onboard Salon this afternoon to prepare. It's become a ritual of mine to have my hair cut, and often colored, on board. I've always gotten a very good hair cut, and in fact haven't had my hair cut on dry land in the United States in many many years.

The seas off the west coast of Vancouver Island were rough today, with 10 foot swells that had small white mist "breaks" on the tops. Not quite white caps, but more than just gentle swells. The boat rocked back and forth a lot and made many people seasick. It was also quite cool. The high was supposed to be 55 degrees but I doubt it got up that far. Like many people on board, we spent most of the day lounging around and napping.

Dinner was nice, I had some French onion soup and filet mignon. As is our usual luck on Celebrity, we had interesting table mates which made dinner fun.

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