Monday, May 26, 2008

Watching the Clothes Go 'Round

Ahhh, lazy Sunday...I took a 'day off' from watching the competitive dancing. See, if I watch too many consecutive hours of ballroom dance (or anything, for that matter) I get grumpy and feel like my head is going to explode. Or maybe my eyeballs, after looking at some of the dresses (scroll down) this week. Very stiff frilly frou-frou ruffles and garish combinations of neon colors seem to be in fashion this year.

So today I went ice skating with Ava & Turtle. There's a rink down at the Pleasure Beach amusement park (Europe's Largest!? Who knew?!), where they do an ice dancing show called "Hot Ice." I've never seen the show, but it seems to involve ice, and hotness. The ice is a small rink with a stage at one end, and there is ice on the stage too which was kind of nifty. The hotness part seems to be a combination of very skimpy costumes (with female upper body parts revealed, or maybe that's just for the evening show) and lots of rhinestones. I bet there's some fake tanner involved too.

I love to shop, so shop I did. I started by wending my way around the vendor area at the Winter Gardens, but since I have a personal moratorium on purchasing more fabric I ended up buying some lace at Chrisanne that goes with the tulle I bought at the UK Open last January and the net and chiffon I bought at Blackpool last year. Who knows, maybe some year I'll even actually make the dress that all this fabric is for!

My favorite women's clothing store in the UK is Monsoon, and since their web site won't ship to the US I visit a branch every chance I get. The one in Blackpool is right near the Winter Gardens, and I got a lovely silvery gray and black silk dress. Of course, I needed shoes to go with it, so I popped round the corner (look, British idiom...I'm picking it up fast) to Marks & Spencer and found a nice pair of slingbacks. They are black and gray patent leather, the black starts at the toes and shades back to gray. And, since it is M&S, the price was good even if I translated it into dollars

Now I'm back at my flat cooking dinner and doing laundry. I love to cook and am having a little dinner party for Ava & Turtle. The laundry machine here is quite interesting, it's an integrated unit that washes and then dries all at once. It sounds like a fantastic idea, but the first load I did didn't really get all the way dry. This could just be a learning curve thing, as I don't think I set the dryer on a long enough cycle.

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