Saturday, June 14, 2008

Too Much Small Stuff

I've got too much small stuff to keep track of. In late April or early May I lost one of the remote controls for my TV. It's annoying enough that it take three remotes to watch TV -- one for the amp (some exotic South African brand based on tubes), one for the screen itself (a Samsung LCD flat-screen), and one for the TiVo (so I can do necessary things like change channels). Since I lost the TV screen remote, the "TV" setting has been set on Wide Screen (annoying, because most TV shows are in the usual 4:3 aspect ratio) and the DVD player has been set in "normal" (annoying, because most of the movies I watch are in letterbox format). I can't win.

I searched everywhere for the damn remote and ended up having to spend about $45 (includes shipping and handling!) to get a replacement.

In other "small stuff" news, I combed through years of travel photography to select images to use on my new Moo cards. These are half-size mini cards that are basically very informal and creative business cards. On one side is an image (up to 100 different images for a 100-card order), and the other side holds text (I used my name, email, blog address, and phone number). Moo cards are the new "in" way for techies, artists, and other fringe/freak types to pass personal information around, and of course come with special accoutrements in the form of custom-made holders and dispensers. I am looking forward to the arrival of my shipment!

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