Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Uh oh!

Ooops, I haven't posted in a while. I guess talking about myself is boring even me. Or that I've been busy. Or both.

In late June I went to Denver, Colorado, to dance in the Colorado Star Ball. It went wonderfully well, we came in second in the Open Pro/Am "A" Scholarship (warning -- something is wrong with how I edited the video, and the audio got out of synch...I'll try to fix it at some point but in the meantime believe me when I say that we were dancing on time!):

Two weeks later I went to New York City to work the Fancy Foods Show for Charles Chocolates, and then to dance in the Manhattan DanceSport Championships. The field was much larger and stronger there, 22 couples entered, and we came in 10th (also audio synch issues here):

Working the Fancy Foods show was a ton of fun. Imagine a gourmet grocery like Balducci's or Dean and De Luca as large as the Javits Center. There were all kinds of makers of fancy sauces, baking mixes, drinks, spices...it just went on and on...and there were so many chocolatiers. My job was to hang out around the booth all day, entice people to try the chocolates, and answer their questions. Unlike some booths, ours was large and roomy. The product was set up on self-serve trays on a very large table that people could walk around. Everything was labeled with a description card, plus we were there to describe and explain things. I felt like I was at the show with the "in" crowd, because our booth always had a lot of traffic and people were raving about how beautiful everything looked and how wonderful the chocolates tasted. I would so love to do something like this again!

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