Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gaarrrrrgh! Another Social Networking Site!

I broke down and joined Facebook today. Lord help me. I can't keep up with this crap. Well, to be fair, I have been ignoring Friendster and Tribe for years, and I don't even know if Orkut exists any more. And then there's MyDanceChat, which seems to have quickly flamed out.

In other news, I recently visited New Mexico, and learned that I am a green chili kind of girl. See, whenever you order New Mexican food (which is distinct from Tex/Mex and actual Mexican Mexican, and vastly different from American Suburban Mexican), you get asked if you want "red" or "green" sauce. "Red" is made with dried chilies, and "green" with fresh. After sampling both at the Albuquerque institution known as Sadie's, I decided that I definitely like the green. This kind of surprised me as I simply assumed that, based on color and consistency, that I'd prefer the red. But there's just something really nice about that fresh green chili sauce.

I also laid by the pool at the lovely Hyatt Tamaya Resort & Spa, and got an actual tan. Although pretty much no one could tell because I'm so pale to begin with. Overall, New Mexico was beautiful and relaxing with delicious food, I'm looking forward to going back the next time I want a quick getaway vacation.

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