Sunday, September 7, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

It's nice to not be traveling this week. I spent my weekend cleaning house, reading books, and dancing. I hadn't been social dancing in a very long time, and this weekend I went out both Saturday and Sunday nights. Aside from being fun, I started having a lot of thoughts about music and rhythm -- it was like my techie head finally got out of my way and my body just really danced at times. And I discovered that I'm something of a Hustle queen. Who knew? I might have to find a way to explore this more at some point.

Oh yeah, last weekend I was in another dancing competition, the Embassy Ball down in Irvine (Orange County). I danced well, but didn't get marked so well, I was pretty frustrated with the whole thing until I got on the plane to go home. Once I got up in the air and looked down at the beautiful California coast line, I felt calmer. I was able to let go of a bunch of negative emotions (including envy, jealousy, self-doubt and even a bit of anger) and just move on. Competitive dancing can do a number on a person if they're not protective of themselves. Or at least it can on me some days. I'm resolved to keep "letting go" whenever it gets to be too much and finding the "body happiness" I got when social dancing this weekend, combined with my ongoing pursuit of technical improvement.

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