Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Can't Keep Up

I'm so lame and have barely written in my blog for over a month now. I recently went to New Orleans, basically to have dinner with a friend, but also to roam the lovely French Quarter. From 1975-1976 I lived in Moss Point, Mississippi, and my mom used to take me and my brother to New Orleans regularly -- mainly because there really wasn't much to do in Moss Point. I have fond memories of shopping for toys, going to voodoo and Mardi Gras museums, and having hot chocolate and beignets at Cafe' du Monde.

This time I stayed at the W in the French Quarter in New Orleans. They have an open-air courtyard filled with loungy sofas and chairs, and little curtained cabanas with sofas and light-up cocktail tables in them. There were water fountains and fire fountains, and a jazz band payed in the bar inside the restaurant adjoining the courtyard. It was a very warm night, and people were just laying around chatting and drinking. A guy was stretched out on a sofa near me, chatting with two friends, they were sharing a bottle of wine. It was the coolest, most relaxed and lovely bar I've ever been in. I wish there were something like this where I live. I would go back to NoLa just to chill out here again.