Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day, Aussie Style

Had a nice sleep and seem to have awoken on Melbourne time. Nik wandered into the living room at 7:45am to fire up the Wii, and we played through a series of Wii Fit, Rabbid, and painting blob games. I'm really getting fond of the Wii Fit, there are all these fascinating balance games. My favorites so far are ski jumping (you stand on the board, rush down the ski jump, then straighten your knees to jump) and this one where you move a "table" around to drop a marble through a hole. I think I need to get one of these when I get home. The Wii is very cute and friendly and I appreciate that the games don't involve large amounts of blood and killing. Although shooting something with a ray gun can be fun.

Kitt made an awesome breakfast of buttermilk pancakes, tropical fruit salad, and Grand Mariner sauce. We're now sitting around watching the Sydney-Hobart yacht race, drinking champagne, and otherwise digesting -- so that we can have lunch later!

The baggage service just called and my bag has arrived in Melbourne and cleared customs. It's now on a van headed my way, and should arrive within the next five hours. They didn't mention if it reeked of tequila or not!

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