Friday, January 2, 2009

Artistic Optimism

Spent this afternoon at a fantastic art exhibit, "Contemporary Australia: Optimism" at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. The three most interesting exhibits were a video montage of rabid Michael Jackson fans singing along to all the tracks on "Thriller," a plush fake-fur winter wonderland forest, and a series of information kiosks about space aliens that were aimed at little kids (one of which showed an alien dancing happily to Outkast's "Hey Now").

Tony Albert

Alien nation embassy

Tony Albert’s interest in aliens responds to both the alienation of Indigenous people within their own country and the ‘alien invasion’ of Australia by Europeans in 1788. Especially for kids, Tony Albert has created the Alien nation embassy and invites all earthlings to become honorary citizens — but not before passing the ‘citizenship test’! The multimedia installation features a population counter, video footage of the artist with the aliens, and electronic swipe cards for kids to access secret alien information.
(Warning -- this video is really awful quality, but you'll get the idea!)

After that, I did did a spot of shopping and picked up a new bathing suit at my now-favorite Australian store, Witchery. Since summer is in full swing here, everything is on sale, and I got a great new tankini for the equivalent of $20 US!

I capped off the evening sipping yet another great Australian Shiraz with Bryce, interrupted by a possum wandering into the kitchen! It brushed up against his toes under the kitchen table, and when he flinched and jumped to look at it, it rapidly scampered out to the back porch.

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