Monday, January 5, 2009

Harbour, Darling!

Spent the day visiting attractions around the tourist area known as Darling Harbour. There was really a lot to see, and the cheese factor was rather low -- no wax museums, for instance. I visited the National Maritime Museum, where I toured a decommissioned destroyer and a submarine, plus saw a fascinating exhibit about Australnesian (they don't use the term Polynesian here, it seems, or this is a new term) navigators. Next was the Powerhouse Museum, where I focused on the exhibits concerning Australian design (fashion, advertising, and industrial). After that I spent a relaxing hour in the Chinese Friendship Garden, which is the largest such garden outside of China and would do any formal garden in Suzhou proud. Next I walked through Sydney Wildlife World, where I finally saw a wombat. There were two of them, sleeping in their burrow, flat on their backs with all four (eight) feet in the air, snoozing mightily.

I capped it all off at the Sydney Aquarium, which many people apologized for in advance ("it's not that great if you've seen the Monterey Bay Aquarium") but I thought it was worth it for three things:
  • seeing a woman struggling with her Louis Vuitton purse while yelling at her kid named "Chanel." I wanted to ask what her son's name was.
  • walking past a another woman who, while gazing at the large fishes in the Ocean Tank, remarked, "those look delicious!"
  • seeing the Great Barrier Reef Tank, and realizing that I can actually take pictures of the fish! I'd never tried it until today.

In all, a long day, and completed with a soak in my large and deep bathtub while sipping more of that wine.

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