Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tourist Marathon, Day 2

This trip has been the longest I've been away from home at a stretch in a number of years. I'm handling it well, usually I get kind of homesick but I think I'm staying too busy for that. I know the cats are well, I've been communicating with my friends via Facebook and email, so it's all good. However, I am starting to get tired of being a tourist, and my writing juices have pretty much dried up. But I also feel like there's so much to see and do and I came all this way that I can't let up now. So, today I toured the Sydney Opera House, briefly visited the Museum of Sydney (where I took a quiz about pet ownership and was told that I should only own a Pet Rock), took the ferry to the Taronga Zoo, walked up on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, stopped in at the Luna Park amusement park to ride a couple of rides, and then went to the top of the Sydney Tower.

I was hoping I'd see a Platypus at the Zoo, but the Platypus enclosure in the Platypus House was being renovated so the animals were in a natural walk-through habitat. It was a hot day, and Platypuses (Platypii?) are nocturnal, so they were not to be seen. I did manage to see another wombat, this one was sleeping in his burrow so really all I saw was a snoring mound of fur. The Tasmanian Devils were out and about in their enclosure, though, and I've got to say that they are charming little guys. Maybe they're called "Devils" 'cause they're cute as the devil! My favorite place was a large walk-through aviary, filled with dozens and dozens of different native Australian birds. They're pretty used to people, and I found that after I sat in the same place for about ten minutes I was able to see many birds up close.

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