Sunday, April 26, 2009


I've started again from Burda 7879, with a bunch of modifications:
  • made the back have a V shape
  • added the "salsa" skirt layer to the "ballroom" skirt so as to get an interesting layered effect
  • increased the layers of chiffon in the "ballroom" skirt from two to three
  • am adding sleeves

I've got everything cut out, and have constructed the three chiffon layers in the skirt. Those are now hanging up on my fitting dummy so that the bias will stretch out.

I've also constructed the "salsa" layer, which itself is a modification because rather than having it be straight in the front and pointy in the back, I have it pointy in both front and back. I've finished the edges in poly hem braid, and have stoned the hem. Usually I complete the entire dress before I start stoning, but I realized that it's easier to stone things like sleeves and hems flat rather. So, even though I haven't attached the "salsa" layer to the rest of the garment, I stoned the hem while it was laying flat on the table. I plan to do something similar when I make the sleeves: I'm going to do most of the stone work with the fabric flat, before I sew up the sleeve seams and set them into the armhole. It will be interesting to see how that works out.

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