Monday, May 18, 2009

Britannia Rules the Waves

Today we headed via city bus down to the Ocean Terminal in Leith, where the Royal Yacht Britannia is preserved as a historical site. This was Queen Elizabeth II's ship of State, as it were, and we had a great time looking into the Royal apartments, the State dining room, and so on. From there we went to the Georgian House, which is an 18th-century town house set up to show how a "gentleman" (a non-working landowner who derives his income from rents collected from the people who live and work on his property) and his family would live in town.

After strolling past a monument to Sir Walter Scott, we stopped at Marks & Spencer to stock up on whisky and snax. The whisky we picked up is bottled specifically for Marks & Spencer, which makes it a kind of Trader Joe's-type buy. It's a 12-year-old single malt fro the Deanston distillery in Doune (Perthshire).

The weather today was changeable, ranging from downright rainy to mistily dreary to delightfully sunny with a fresh wind.

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