Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pat Meier's Lunch@Piero's

Every year during CES, Pat Meier hosts a lunchtime showcase at Piero's restaurant, right across from the Las Vegas Convention Center. Pat brings in twenty innovative companies to talk directly to the media in a relaxed environment away from the random chaos of the CES show floors.

Visiting with the exhibitors at Lunch was probably my favorite part of CES. I don't do well in huge crowds, especially ones where I'm shorter than most everyone else. At Piero's I was able to spend as much time as I wanted with whoever I wanted, saw some great demos, and talked to some interesting people. I'll cover the products I found the most compelling in my next few posts, including Sound Trends' Looptastic Producer 3, Panelfly, PowerGenix's rechargeable nickel-zinc batteries, and Pointy Heads Software's Knocking live video.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Walk the Walk in Vegas, Baby

One Reader Per Blog's One Writer arrived in Las Vegas this morning to check out the legendary CES (Consumer Electronics Show). If some new gear is going to be the hottest gadget in 2010, it will be here.

I'd been warned about how huge the show is, but figured I could start out with a sort of random walk across the show floor to get oriented. Then I woke up to reality. CES is massive. Imagine something about the size of the Death Star full of glittering shops displaying the coolest electronic-related stuff ever. Oh wait, that's Singapore. Scale it down to an area code or two and you've got CES.

This morning's random walk (and the hot fiancé's nose for adventure) led us through the Ed Hardy booth (tons of rhinestoned device skins) to Parrot. Currently known for their Bluetooth devices, they're about to get really famous for the AR.Drone. This is the ultimate robo-helicopter, quad-rotored, iPhone-controlled, and otherwise-hyphenatedly-neat. As you fly it, it transmits live video and flight data to your iPhone. Parrot doesn't know what their super copter will retail for, but they've open-sourced their API and published it on their web site. Over one hundred developers have signed up to create games and other applications for it. This is going to be waaay fun!