Monday, March 14, 2011

Youthful Dreams Becoming Reality

The things you dream about as a kid don't necessarily go away when you grow up. I was a child during the glory days of manned space flight, although despite my mother's best efforts my four-year-old-self fell asleep during Neil Armstrong's "one giant step." It was also during these years, the late 1960's through the 1970's, that undersea exploration was popularized to the world via Jacques Cousteau. This combination of influences made very interested in NASA's activities, while also wanting to be a marine biologist (rather than an astronaut) when I grew up.

I got distracted along the way, though, and ended up studying computer science in college. I thought about learning to scuba dive, but never got around to it until 2009 when my boyfriend Dale talked me into taking a "resort course" during a trip to Bali. At first I resisted, but then all those memories of the Rod Serling-narrated Cousteau TV specials came flooding back. And once I was in the water with my gear on, I was hooked.

This weekend I'm going to experience dry suit diving for the first time. Aside from opening up the possibilities for where and when I can dive, it's also the closest I can come to being an astronaut!