Saturday, May 21, 2011

Around the World in 29 Days

My trip from San Francisco to Belfast was about as boring as could be. I flew from San Francisco to Chicago on United, then to Belfast via Newark on Continental. I chose this rather grueling milk run because I have more time than money and it saved me over $400 to make the extra stop. The trip was tiresome because I had to leave for the departure airport at 5:00am. Twenty hours later I arrived in Belfast. Absolutely nothing interesting happened, even my 40+ pounds of scuba gear arrived as planned.

I did watch one movie on the way over, The Green Hornet. I was surprised at how stupid it was. Yes, Josh Rogan's character was supposed to be dumb, but the whole thing was just a little too dopey. Kato was the bomb, though -- and the character made me think a lot about awesome Mythbuster Grant Imahara. I have no idea if Grant can do martial arts, but he can build stuff!

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