Sunday, June 12, 2011

Eat, Sleep, Dive

What a schedule: dive before breakfast, breakfast, dive before lunch, lunch, dive before snack, dive, dive before dinner, dinner. There's a night dive to cap off the day, then it's time for sleep and the cycle repeats itself. I'm diving in a new wet suit, and am getting used to wiggling into it and peeling it off again. So far I've seen lots of pretty reef fish, and am so hungry I could eat the huge lobster I saw on the third dive today. The other women on the boat are nice, and not having a dive buddy hasn't been a problem. Sometimes I dive with one of the other women, and sometimes with the dive guide. It hasn't been a big deal. Diving here in Hawaii is a lot more relaxing than it was in Okinawa, partly because the weather is better this week. Tomorrow we are heading to South Point, the southernmost dive site in the US.

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