Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm on a BOAT!

Flew down to Kona on Hawaiian Airlines today. I have to admit that their check-in process confused me: they make you weigh and tag your own luggage. I got it figured out and got mistaken for a college student on the quick flight. I am old enough to have a college student child, so I guess my heavy cares are starting to drop away. It took me a while to find the Aggressor agent on arrival in Kona, but eventually we met up. He loaded my bags into their van and drove me into the cute old part of town. They were turning the boat around from the previous week's trip, so I had some lunch and strolled around looking for shave ice. I had a pedicure at a tiny nail salon along the waterfront while dolphins frolicked in the cove outside the the salon's back window.

After what seemed like forever, I was finally able to get on the boat. This is the first live-aboard dive trip I've taken. I'm looking forward to a lot of diving, but don't really know what to expect. Will the people be nice? Will it be a problem that I don't have a dive buddy? Will the food be ok? Will my bunk be comfortable? Who will my roommate be? I was excited and a bit anxious. The boat itself is quite nice, and I learned that I am the lucky odd woman out so I get my own cabin for the week. I like it: it's high enough above the water that it has a real screened window that opens, and a tiny attached bathroom. The lower bunk is like a double bed, and there are plenty of electrical outlets. Diving happens off the back deck, and each person has a little locker to keep their small gear in. Wet suits get hung up above the locker, and the tank/BC fits in a rack behind the locker. It's all so convenient!

The other guests this week are all women. There's someone from New York, someone from Brazil, and a group of women from the St. Louis area. The crew is all male except for one instructor/photographer. The chef this week is a newbie, basically auditioning for the job. We got our welcome aboard orientation, and the boat headed out away from the pier. Dinner is decent, and since most people are jet lagged things got very quiet and we all went to bed shortly thereafter. I didn't end up sleeping well, I was suffering from bad-relationship-flashback agony. I've not talked about it here, but I've recently gotten out of a really bad marriage. The night I passed that kidney stone in Honolulu was supposed to be our first anniversary. I had to end the relationship because my husband had been abusing me. I keep having flashbacks to things he said or did, I hate that these memories keep coming up and feel like my mind has been poisoned. I've been up for hours trying to remain calm but it's not really working. I'll try a dive after breakfast and see if looking at pretty fish while breathing enriched air helps.

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