Saturday, May 2, 2015

Ah the Mishaps of Travel

Well I'm having an adventure. Due to a series of I don't know what, I'm spending 12 hours in a cheap Egyptian hotel in Hurghada. Originally I was meant to be driven to Hurghada, spend the night at the Marriott, and then get my 6:30am flight to Istanbul. Then Turkish Airlines changed my flight time to 2:45am, so I figured I'd just bite the bullet and read books in the airport for 12 hours. Upon arriving at the airport after the three hour drive from Port Ghalib, I learned that you are not allowed to just go into the terminal (even just the check-in area) and hang out. So, my driver delivered me to the El Tahir hotel (I think it means "The Castle").

This mishap was compounded by me thinking I had to take the 8am shuttle van with everyone else from the boat. But, for some reason, a private car was sent for me. If I had known they were going to send a car just for me, I would have had them pick me up in Port Ghalib at 6pm. I could have spent the day down there rather than where I am now. Blessings to the driver for sorting this all out, and delivering me to a place where I could check in immediately and only spend about $20 USD for the room for the day. I did try to sort this out last week: I had gotten the boat's Cruise Director to call someone in the office in Hurghada, and she called around to some of the resort hotels to see if I could get a day room. The resorts said I could only do a regular 3pm check in, and the rates were like $125/night or even more. It didn't seem worth it so I figured I'd just read in the airport. I had also tried calling the Marriott, and they not only didn't "do" day rooms, they were also completely booked up in general.

Supposedly my driver is coming back for me at 12:30am. I'm going to take a long nap right now in an attempt to start moving back to San Francisco time. The bed is fine, the air conditioning works, and I have a private bathroom, so I guess this is all good.

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