Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hell Hath No Fury... a pissed off divemaster. Nils (I've been spelling it wrong all week) did some more jackassy stuff, and divemaster Darwish gave him what for in front of everyone. I've never seen a divemaster so mad. Drama aside, we had two lovely dives at Big Gota in St. John's Reef. I've been looking for a particularly pretty nudibranch people call a "Pajama Chromidorus." It's about two inches long, and is black, purple, orange, and white. Someone pointed one out for me, and I'm super pleased that I managed to get a decent picture of it using my Flip macro lens and my hand-held video light. We also saw a good sized shark, and had a fun swim into a cavern. There was a hole in the ceiling, and sun rays streamed in like through a window in a cathedral.

The second dive was similar, with the added excitement of small white tip reef sharks coming by three times. We moved on to Abu Bassala, "bassala" means "onion" in Arabic, this place got its name when a load of onions fell into the sea and washed up on the reef. Today the sea was as smooth as velvet, all different shades of blue, with a few white boats off in the distance. Underwater was lovely too, and I got a picture of the cutest little red starfish. My ear was being a tiny bit iffy, so I've decided to sit out the fourth dive of the day.

The latest drama update is that Nils wants Darwish fired. Nils claims he's friends with the guy who owns the boat. Fortunately the Operations Manager for the boat is on board this week, and is seeing first hand what is going on. Miko, his wife, got back in the water this afternoon. I happened to see her in the middle of the "remove your mask" drill, so hopefully things are going ok for her. I'm not sure it helped that Nils was hovering in the water a couple of yards away watching the whole thing, but maybe it did. It's interesting, having been in a relationship with a self-centered jerk, to see this whole thing from the outside. I am glad beyond measure that I got the jerk I had briefly been married to out of my life.

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