Monday, June 6, 2011

Singing Pineapples not Under the Sea

We spent the day on a Japanese tour bus with a non-English speaking guide. At several points the guide and the Japanese guests broke into song. We have no idea why. There was a lot of driving and singing, and we ended up at a butterfly farm. After yet more driving and singing, we got to Okinawa's amazing aquarium where we saw three whale sharks. Yes, whale sharks. There were also rays, and manatees.

For some reason Stitch (of the super Disney movie, "Lilo and Stitch") is popular in Okinawa. I bought a Stitch Okinawan bath bomb, a phone frob of Stitch riding a whale shark, and a rather psychedelic Stitch post card. On the way home we stopped at some fruit palace/wine making place where we could learn the history of wine making in Okinawa and sample the vintages. I'm pretty sure that there was a singing pineapple somewhere, and that it wasn't just the incredibly sweet fruit wines.

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