Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Desert is Hot but the Sea is Damn Chilly

When I was packing for this trip, I read reports from the boat saying that a 7mm suit and a hood are suggested. I pooh-poohed this, because divemasters are often cold, and besides it was going to be 90 degrees topside so I'd be crazy to wear that thick of a neoprene suit. I should have listened, it's quite chilly in the water, about 73 degrees. I'm wearing Sharkskin socks, shortie pants, long sleeve top, and vest with hood. I also have on reef shoes, gloves, and my dive-o-saurus cap. All of this is topped off with my 5mm wet suit and I'm still getting cold after about 20 minutes. The moral of this story: if I ever dive here again, bring the 7mm suit. Cold aside, the three dives I did today were super. Blue spotted Rays, zillions of fish, several turtles, two octopuses, many eels (including a MONSTER sized green moray that the dive master said was "just average"), and even a dugong. There's lots of coral, both hard and soft. I'd heard that the Red Sea was overrated and dived out, but it seems if you get away from the northern resorts and get on a liveaboard it's much better. Between the jet lag, last night's insomnia, and over three hours immersed in cool water, I am fighting to stay awake. I'm trying desperately to make it to 9pm! There's a night dive going on right now that I'm skipping to give my ears a rest--I had an ear infection the week before last and need to last through two weeks of diving on this trip. After the divers get back, the boat will start motoring to The Brothers, 50+ miles away in the geographic middle of the Red Sea. It should take 7-9 hours to get there. I won't t have Internet out there, but I'll keep my little journal going and catch you all up on Friday.

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